1/4 million organic reach with a new page?

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The case study is based on a Media Project only for the World Cup in Russia 2018. The competitiveness of the market was really high. There were more than 10 big media in Bulgaria which focused a lot of effort and content for the world cup.


  1. Project Planning
  2. Website Creation
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Partnership with BET365, Bwin, Winbet & Efbet
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Viral Marketing


🏆 The biggest event of the planet needs world-class marketing to achieve the best results from it.

That’s exactly what we did in order to beat the competition of all media which covers the biggest event. The first step at the project was the planning. We asked ourselves “what is needed by every fan during the cup?”. After brainstoriming, customer development, a lot of interviews and questionaires we found out what is needed by us. After that we made the strategy based on the user needs and distributed the content planning throughout our channels.

The top-notch strategy was ready. Then it was time for the implementation of it. Super content about the teams, players, programs, matches, groups, stadiums, history and news was created day after day. Real-time marketing during matches and micro-moments were used to develope viral content. Then distributed and presented in the right way, we succeeded to beat the biggest news media in Bulgaria with a project from zero.


Our amazing strategy and daily interesting content achieved unbelivable results.

✅ 8000+ page likes for less than 2 months.
✅ 10000+ facebook group active even 2 years after the event.
✅ 1/4 million organic reach of our final post.



  • Client Mondial.bg
  • Category Media
  • Date 2018
  • Status Completed