210k revenue and 13x ROAS of digital marketing ?

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The case study is based on a E-Commerce store operating only in Bulgaria. The competitiveness of the market was medium. There were 4 big players online in the niche, but also there were possibilities to beat them on marketing and business level. Niche: confidential.


  1. Digital Business Planning
  2. Digital Finance Optimization
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Performance Marketing
  5. UX Design
  6. Google Ads
  7. Website Sales Optimization


The execution of the project started with calculating the business mathematics with the client. Together we figured out our maximum possible Cost-Per-Acquisition based on our expenses and margins. In addition, we discussed the whole business model and operations to optimize the processes. That helped us to improve the performance and the experience of our business to get competitive advantages on foundation level. After that a deep competitive research was conducted to figure out our important advantages and use them at the marketing stage. Once we finalized our online business foundations, we moved to the marketing strategy where we planned all possible digital channels to spread our messages from every level of our marketing funnel.

The business planning & marketing strategy were done. Then the time for getting the results came. We executed the strategy at 4 phases – build, monitor, analyze, optimize. We repeat all of the phases every single week in order to get the maximum potential from the niche. In Google Ads we succeed in scoring 9 and 10 as a quality score of all keywords. During the optimization period, we also managed to lower the Cost-Per-Click a lot, which helped us to ensure our good profit. Moreover, a UX and Website Sales Optimization was made on a regular basis based on data and reports that powered the overall conversion rate over 2.5% even though the brand was not big and regonized.


Finnaly after the whole hard work and dicipline to optimize the results we succeded in hitting all our targets and more. The numbers talks and it can be seen a Return-on-Ad-Spent over 13x. As we add to the mathematics our good margin, we realized a really good profitable business from 0 to over 210 000 leva revenue.

  • Client Non-disclosure agreement
  • Category Ecommerce Droppshiping
  • Date 2018 - Now
  • Status Working On