Terms & Conditions

General terms of use
I. Definition of concepts
1. “Site” or “Website” means all information that is
located on the following domain with URL URL https://slavslavchev.com and including texts,
photos, graphics, designs, banners and other materials or resources,
which are on the following domain and subdomains.
2. “Visitor” is any natural / legal person who uses the Site
and / or information from it.
II. Subject of the conditions
Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relations between “Slav Slavchev” and each person (hereinafter referred to as
short “Visitor”), which uses the Internet site https://slavslavchev.com and / or
the information provided by him (the “Site”, the “Website”).
III. Intellectual property rights
Art. 2. (1) All rights reserved. All publications on the Site and the whole
other information such as texts, design, program codes, software, databases,
photos and graphics, banners and any other information are subject to
protection under the current Copyright Act. The unregulated
use of resources that are intellectual property of “Slav Slavchev” will be reported for civil, administrative and criminal
criminal liability in accordance with the current Bulgarian
(2) Unauthorized use in any form of materials,
published on the Website in the absence of permission of “Slav Slavchev” is
violation that is the responsibility of the offender.
(3) The consumer has the right to view, store and print
the materials on this site are for personal use only
for the services offered by Rizalt.
IV. Privacy policy
Art. 3. Please review the privacy policy that is
part of this document from here.
V. Use of cookies
Art. 4. Please review the cookie usage policy that is
part of this document from here.
VI. Obligations of site visitors
Art. 5. Each Visitor received access to the Site “https://slavslavchev.com” and to
the information and services in it, agrees and accepts the General Terms and Conditions for
use described in this document.
Art.6. Every Visitor using the Site “https://slavslavchev.com” or
the information in it, undertakes to comply with the General Terms of Use of
the resources of the site and all provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.
VII. Modification of the general conditions
Art. 7. (1) Slav Slavchev has the right to make changes and amendments in
these General Terms and Conditions. “Slav Slavchev” will promptly publish on
The site “https://slavslavchev.com” amended the General Terms and Conditions and will inform the Visitors
for the changes made.
(2) The amendments to these General Terms and Conditions are valid for all
Visitors to the Site “https://slavslavchev.com” and have effect from the moment of
their announcement by Slav Slavchev.
VIII. Limitation of liability
Art. 8. Slav Slavchev is not liable for damages caused by
Third party visitors as a result of using the Site and the content
get into it materials.